December 30, 2009

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L art by L’AFFICHE MODERNE such as Labokoff’s Fleur violette.

Welcome to Lilly Piri’s website WONDERland. The little GALAXIE is full of lovely things such as PRINTS, CARDS & much much more…

2010 REBOUND DIARIES are sooo cute & caring! Created from the little Golden Book range, each diary has a page for your New Years resolutions & a space for the date when you break them… So don’t even dare – it’ll all be there B&W!

The GREATEST by Cat PoWer. Nothing more to add…

If you take 400 PENCILS you get all these pretty precious PENCIL drawings, art, illustration & more.



December 29, 2009

“Melt me down
into big black ARMOUR
Leave no trace
Of grace
Just in your honour
Lower me down
To culprit south” (Cat PoWer)


December 24, 2009

Beautiful blurred photos by Jan Michellardi.

All I say is :BOOKBAGS!!! HUGE excitement squiver for all BAG & BOOK lovers!

Check out Mom’s Recipe Box for some yummy xmas food that tastes like HOME.

OHHH – these cute crochet cupcakes by COMING OUT CROOKED could make nice stocking stuffers for sweet-toothed craftsters. They come in chocolate or strawberry and are from (I)Made It.

Cute! Free & WOWwowWoW! Downloadable prints to be used as LOVELY wrapping paper from Fifi Mandirac.

One of my all time favourites War Is Over. Merry Xmas!

A little birdy told me that you can never have enough shoes, bags & HATS! Bird Millenery has everything from casula caps, hats to fabulous fascinators.

Ben is one of these people that enters your life and won’t walk away without leaving a trace. He’s covered in tattoos and he swears a lot. Ben also carries some scares in his face that tell tales about his troubled past. But despite his odd and ‘outrageous’ appearance, Ben’s just about one of the most forgiving people I know and living proof of the saying that family ties matter after all. A little while ago I passed all these picture perfect scenes that advertise the ‘season of love’ and somehow, over all these glowing Christmas lights and chanting carols in the background, I couldn’t help but think of Ben and his story which goes like this:

Like the Bra Boys, Underbelly, or the slew of Kings Cross’ underground culture whose stories are so horrific, their integrity demands scrutiny, Ben’s story comes with a similar strife. For most parts, Ben’s life sounds as though being slammed headfirst into an A-class drama series with cast and storyline being much stranger than on-screen fiction. At only 19, Ben had added juvenile runaway, jailbird and junkie to his resume. With that, Ben’s memoir offers more than the life of an average 80 year old citizen, revealing pieces about Ben senior on a decade-long high, and a fanatically religious mother, copying lines from the holy book over and over again, alongside other chapters of living life on the street, surviving gang bashings and juvenile detention centres. Today, Ben still shows off the scares and scripts of his former life on his bare skin.

For most of his life, Ben’s folks have been everything but that picture perfect of a family. Born and ‘raised’ somewhere on the outskirts of Newcastle, NSW Ben grew up with a father who has been all else than a great father-figure, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction on most days. On the contrary, his strict and devoted catholic mother has been the living equal to Carrie White’s ma, repeating threats of damnation. Brougth to life out of Stephen King’s notorious novel, she was unable to cope with the secular daily grind in a small country town and a husband on a long-term high [or better low], subsequently turning to biblical cult to handle the harshness of reality.

So just imagine growing up in between two extremes and you might get an essence of what Ben must have gone through. Since the day the door slammed shut, Ben hasn’t been back, living it up on the streets, first in Newcastle’s suburbia and then in Sydney, somehow managing to keep up the biblical mantra “good prevails over evil,” even though he has been caught up in some criminal deeds. However, living life on the edge and bouncing from one extreme to the other comes with its costs. Throughout his teen years, illicit substances made an appearance, but now Ben is “clean, once and for all,” not including that occasional joint after a hard day’s night.

Apart from all the drama and disaster within Ben’s first quarter of a century, one thing in particular stuck with me: Despite his troubled relationship with both his parents, Ben holds on tight to the saying that ‘blood remains thicker than water.’ I still remember his voice sounding rough and his eyes facing the ground, telling me that he made peace with his past. Even though his family affair hasn’t been a picture perfect one, Ben earns a batch that says ‘Master of Forgiveness’ as he considers himself as ‘quite conservative’ with solid family values. Hence, for the family’s sake, and to maintain at least a sense of a family tie, annual family gatherings are “a must,” even if just within the festive season.

Another thing I admire dearly about Ben is that being happy remains his default setting. Although Ben’s past reveals not much to smile about, Ben’s an expert in finding humour in the humiliation, revealing a smile that stretches to darker territory anyone would assume on first glance. But this was then, some time ago, and the Ben that’s here is a different one now. As for the future, Ben is quite optimistic that he smoked his last cigarette a while ago. The last time I saw him around, he was well and living life on the outside of underbelly, assuring me that he left his troubled past behind, his trademark smile fading to an earnestness I haven’t seen before.

All in all the big lesson I learnt from Ben is that no matter what kind of drama, disaster and destruction our childhood collection reveals, what matters most in live is forgiving flaws and finally finding that family and friends matter most in life. Even though we can’t dish up stories like Ben’s stranger than fiction tale, everyone can pull out some family stories that are hilarious, sometimes even malicious and borderline outrageous and maybe a little controversial as well but for most of it they turn out compelling and heart melting in the end – if we let them be what they are: tales of love & hurt, scars and hugs, all stapled together by a huge portion of forgiveness that depicts family ties. Merry xmas!

ME & MYself

December 20, 2009

‘Although there was a time in my life, where I was keen in wearing other people’s dresses and slipping into someone ELSE’s shoes, I reached a point where being ME & MYself became of utmost importance and the pursue of all these things that life had forced me to postpone for the one or the other reason became of HIGH priority…’


December 16, 2009

Vintage Polaroid shots are sooo back in vogue! I think Mickey would approve these pop-up photoshoot a la In an Instant Photography & let out a huge excitement SQUIVER!

Don’t we all complain from time to time about SHITmydadsays? Shit aside, Justin’s dad is a true genius, one of these unsung heroes & a man of many, many WISE words. His daily words of wisedom make my day!

There was once a very lovely, very frightened girl. She lived alone except for a nameless cat. One night she was sitting pretty lonesome & singing Moonriver, a song that will melt your heart…

It’s never too late for a little bit of education now & then. So click here to learn SOMETHING smart & small every day.

Although all these wonderful love songs, fairytales and on-screen romances out there promise us that love is ALL we need for a happily-ever-after – reality is living proof that love is not always capable to conquer all. Finally waving goodbye to all these picture-perfect fairytales, we have to brave ourselves and face the unfancy fact: a lost love hurts like hell.

All of a sudden, life lurches from drama to disaster and the daily grind is gone for good. There are days when you’ll run for cover, and there will be even more days when you’re too weak to pull the punches, simply crumbling down under the billion pieces of your broken heart.

To add even more salt to the injury, there’s no such thing as perfect remedy or an instant fix to cure the cut left by a lost love. No matter how hard we try, on the surface of the newly found solitude the sting of lost love will not stop hurting within the flip of a second.

Everyone who ‘sings the ballade of the broken’ deals differently with pasting the pieces back together – some of us drink, some of us do drugs. And some of us date more ‘dark’ (wo)men to compensate for lost love with yet another dating-disaster, hoping that one pain will eventually substitute the other.

But whether you opt for sticky-tape, stitches or super-glue, one thing is certain: you will walk away with a scare, a memorable mark that will remind you of the receded romance you had, of that faded fairytale that was. Try to stay off-beat and see the grabbing good in all that busting bad: baring a scare means that you moved on from experiencing first-class pain during the actual break-up to finally pasting the pieces back together in the break-over phase.

Beating the break-up blues is almost as hard as the actual act of breaking away. As much as social rejection from the ‘one & only’ hurts, some other sort of social interaction is crucial in the mere struggle to survive life after love. Being socially out there, surrounded by people who care about you and not your sex-appeal will help to feed your emotional needs that that (s)he-bastard hasn’t been able to nourish before.

No matter what – the scars will still be there, though the pain might have gone. There will always be times where you will remember a lost love, where a dear memory comes back. But better to have love and lost than never having been in love at all. C’est la vie, full of broken hearts, scattered pieces and scars that depict your (love)life

THINGS I ♥ Thursday

December 9, 2009

The Home Project & other photo stories by Miss Eleanor Hardwick.

ON THE PHONE TO PARIS only produces PRETTY petite things for bold & beautiful people such as the vintage inspired GATSBY CLUTCH. Get it NOW or NEVER!

Mot de jour like Enragement Ring = A very beautiful & expensive piece of jewellery bestowed by a man upon a woman in the hope that she will agree not to be mad anymore.

All & everything at Georgie Love leaves the store with the certificate ‘g(e)orgeous’ – bags, bangles & brooches. Oh I ♥ them all!!!

Watching Across The Universe by Fiona Apple. Finally a Beatles cover version that is much much better than the original. Jai guru deva om!

Awesome, awesome awesome!!!! Before the fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts, your parents were once free-wheeling, fashion-forward dare devils. Admit it – Your Parents Were Awesome – at least before your time!

This is a treasure trove for paper fashionistas & stationary junkies: Pulp Creative Paper=Paper Print Paradise.

Dance with the DEVIL

December 4, 2009

“WORK like you don’t need the money, LOVE like your ♥ has never been broken, and DANCE like no one is watching” (Aurora Greenway/Shirley MacLaine).


December 2, 2009

Photos with a twist & names like Latar Hundar maste ocksa komma ut by Eric Johansson.

Two words: MELISSA SHOES!!! I absolutely adore all kinds of SHOES but these LOVELY little things come with a bonus: All MELISSA products are created from mono-materials that can be easily disassembled & recycled. HOORAY – maximum design & zero waste – CLAP CLAP.

MOT du jour: intexticated = Bumping into things, behaving rudely and driving badly while under the influence of TXT messaging.

This lovely idea by Craig Giffen & his friends: The HUMAN CALENDAR will help you to get organised in 2010, showing a bunch of 517 pixel pics for the coming 365 days.

If you ever need a partner in CRAFT, check out CUT+PASTE. All you ever wanted to keep, know and more is here: Paper GOODS, books & ZINES, accessories, bags & wallets and all sorts of PRETTY craft supplies.

Sweet, SAD songs like Jewel’s VIOLET EYES, written for her best friend Jacque who died a couple of years ago from cancer.

A label with a ♥ like Purocorazon. Peruvian Carolina Restrepo designs bags that say ‘CARE FOR ME, LOVE ME, SHOW ME, I AM YOUR HEART.’ The result is pretty awesome: A colourful MISH/MASH of tradition and popular art.