Life After LOVE Or The Ballade Of The BROKEN

December 12, 2009

Although all these wonderful love songs, fairytales and on-screen romances out there promise us that love is ALL we need for a happily-ever-after – reality is living proof that love is not always capable to conquer all. Finally waving goodbye to all these picture-perfect fairytales, we have to brave ourselves and face the unfancy fact: a lost love hurts like hell.

All of a sudden, life lurches from drama to disaster and the daily grind is gone for good. There are days when you’ll run for cover, and there will be even more days when you’re too weak to pull the punches, simply crumbling down under the billion pieces of your broken heart.

To add even more salt to the injury, there’s no such thing as perfect remedy or an instant fix to cure the cut left by a lost love. No matter how hard we try, on the surface of the newly found solitude the sting of lost love will not stop hurting within the flip of a second.

Everyone who ‘sings the ballade of the broken’ deals differently with pasting the pieces back together – some of us drink, some of us do drugs. And some of us date more ‘dark’ (wo)men to compensate for lost love with yet another dating-disaster, hoping that one pain will eventually substitute the other.

But whether you opt for sticky-tape, stitches or super-glue, one thing is certain: you will walk away with a scare, a memorable mark that will remind you of the receded romance you had, of that faded fairytale that was. Try to stay off-beat and see the grabbing good in all that busting bad: baring a scare means that you moved on from experiencing first-class pain during the actual break-up to finally pasting the pieces back together in the break-over phase.

Beating the break-up blues is almost as hard as the actual act of breaking away. As much as social rejection from the ‘one & only’ hurts, some other sort of social interaction is crucial in the mere struggle to survive life after love. Being socially out there, surrounded by people who care about you and not your sex-appeal will help to feed your emotional needs that that (s)he-bastard hasn’t been able to nourish before.

No matter what – the scars will still be there, though the pain might have gone. There will always be times where you will remember a lost love, where a dear memory comes back. But better to have love and lost than never having been in love at all. C’est la vie, full of broken hearts, scattered pieces and scars that depict your (love)life


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