The morning after: Off-rail ROMANCE

January 13, 2010

Sun light’s bleeding through the window. Another failed attempt ‘to connect.’ Downcast eyes, tiptoeing around and morning caution – this is how many mornings start after a night well spent together. Yes, I am speaking from some experience here, not much though, just a little. I‘ve done it once or maybe twice – only to find out that for some reason the romance hadn’t keep up its initial promise of lasting happily-ever-after, failing to make it through the night. Come dawn, off went the romance.

This off-rail romance phenomenon (ORRP) leaves me wondering – why do so many chapters end like this? And why could we fall for someone late at night and then facing nothing but awkwardness, distance and embarrassment lying next to you the next morning? Are we night-blind or is our intuition blindfolded once the lights are out?

Whatever it is – the morning after is just BAD. Off-rail romance, tick. Bad breath, tick. Silence at the doorway, tick. There’s nothing left to say and this is definitely one of these rare moments where it’s better to leave it just like that. No ‘this will work out’ or ‘last night was great though…’. Within this situation your at your personal best when you say nothing at all. Shut up, gather your belongings together, tiptoe out the door and step out of that scene you do not want to have replayed ever again.

Let’s face it -things like this happen – you live, you learn. Trial and error situations are good – believe me, these valuable life lessons haven’t been in vain. After all, regrets are not worth having.

Anyway, whatever happened between you & the other night owl, make sure you don’t forget your keys, purse or anything else. Even though you felt that instant connection the night before, this doesn’t mean that the vibes will stretch on & develop into ‘something more.’ And there’s nothing worse than coming back to pick up a piece left behind, a reminder of a short night spent together and probably a morning wasted with thoughts about feelings that are only short-lived, romance that only lasts a little while and mornings like these wasted for nothing long-term.

Long live silent exits – icy-cold doorknob, monotonous ‘click’ as the door shuts, shaky step outside. The day smells rain-tinged and my vision refreshes with a wispy palette of reds and greens, colours I didn’t notice last night.


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