V-Day Contemplations: A ComPilation

February 14, 2010

V-Day Contemplations, Part I

Someone once said that 2 halves make a WHOLE. But who says that one half isn’t whole enough? Why wait for 2 comparable halves if you can have it all in 1 single PIECE?

And then there are those who say it takes two to TANGO, and you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few EGGS – but the truth is: you can! What’s wrong about dancing the night away with no one but yourself for COMPANY? And what about an omelette consisting of just one egg for one SINGLE serve?

For some, coming home to the cat is more than enough. For others, a hairy other is just a mere substitute, a very weak serve of tea and little sympathy for the real thing yet to come. But no matter what LIFE is hard enough as it is without choosing someone difficult to share it with – not just on Valentine’s Day.

V-Day Contemplations, Part II

New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s day have a lot more in common than anyone might think. Both events come with a competitive component – say New Year’s Eve [NYE] is the grand final of the year, then Valentine’s day [V-Day] is the annual state championships for romance (or the ultimate challenge to survive the lack of it).

Apart from that both are nothing but an expectation fuelled BEAST, feared by loads of people again & again on an annual basis. While many approach NYE with anything but social pressure & high hopes for the year to come, V-Day comes with a hell lot of attention & puts pressure on the heart as everyone is desperate to be shot with cupid’s arrow.
All in all, both events are just another superfluous American tradition, coming close to Halloween horror and 4th of July hoorays, where everyone goes crazy over yet another celebration of our commercial culture.

No matter what, one thing is certain: there is no escape from NYE & V-Day. Like NYE, the best survival strategy for V-Day is to accept that things are probably going to be disappointing or that life at least will be the same again, once the race is over. There will be no big bang and a happy-ever-after, nor will there be a Prince Charming turning up on your front porch. Crackers and roses alone won’t cure it all…


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